December 10, 2023

Logistiq: Intelligent Delivery Management Platform

Our SaaS platform aims to boost delivery efficiency and customer experience, thus, optimizing delivery performance and reducing costs. With our solution, you can easily use your own fleet and 3PL partners to manage deliveries end-end, including route optimization, smart fleet selection, intelligent carrier allocation & multi-channel customer communication, all from one centralized platform.

Following are our SaaS modules:

  • Last Mile Delivery Plan & execute fast, on-time, deliveries using both in-house & third party fleets
  • Route optimization: Use intelligent & optimized routes to Increase delivery efficiency & reduce delivery costs
  • First Mile : Schedule efficient, accurate & timely pickups across multiple vendors or shipper locations
  • Middle Mile: Move shipments efficiently within your network for retail distribution or 3PL linehaul connections
  • Carrier Aggregation: Use multiple 3PL integrations & intelligent allocations to scale delivery operations
  • Post-purchase: Optimize customer delivery experience through branded, automated, real-time communication

Major verticals that have adopted the Logistiq platform are Express logistics, Retail chains & E-commerce & we serve leading brands such as Landmark Group, Styli, Splash, Centerpoint & Homecentre. Logistiq is also integrated with all major carriers & e-stores and can sync seamlessly with your existing systems.


Logistiq Intelligent Delivery Management Platform